About GameField – foosball

I created Gamefield football table hoping to revive feelings of joy and delight that I used to share with my friends in our youth. These moments of euphoria and excitement that we experienced when we used to play together or quite simply, when we met up to remake the world.

Today, our tastes have evolved and have become more sophisticated, but even as adults, we remain children deep within us. Besides it also seems important to preserve this part of ease within and know that we still sometimes treat life as a game. That’s why I wanted to create something that is at the same time playful and aesthetic in order to rekindle that delight of my inner child and my adult soul.

Christophe, creator of Gamefield

Gamefield new collection


Tradition and modernity

This very new GAMEFIELD football table collection is magnified with the combination of brightness and transparency. It is made of crystalline plexiglas, fine stainless steel, and modern aluminium to ensure a perfect balance of tradition and modernity.


We want our products to be unique and impressive so they are protected by patents.


On demand, let us customise your football table and make it as special and unique as you have envisioned it could be, incorporating your branding, your colour …


This football table collection is developed, created and assembled in Switzerland in accordance with the highest quality standards. The collection suits any décor and will definitely beautify your home.


Each piece is handcrafted on request to the highest standards, with a unique style and finish. Therefore, any order takes approximately 2 months of careful preparation before delivery.

Please contact us to place your order.

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